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About Tender Lawn Care

With Tender Lawn Care you get the service you want and your landscape gets the treatment it needs - the results are the proof!

When you start a lawn treatment program with Tender Lawn Care, your lawn will start growing into a beautiful, thick, weed free lawn that your neighbors will envy and your family will enjoy! With our tree and shrub program, your landscape will benefit from important insect and disease treatments, along with fertilization for plant health, to preserve the beauty of your home's landscape!

We're so confident you'll love us, we'll guarantee it!*

*We're convinced you'll get better results from Tender Lawn Care than you've ever had before. Your satisfaction is the key to our success! If at any time you have a concern we will address it and ease your mind. If you're not satisfied with our results, let us know, and we will come out on a service call free of charge!

Our Service Advantage

  • You can count on us for dependability and results. At Tender Lawn Care, we provide a tremendous service.
  • A treatment program customized to your landscape's unique needs!
  • You can rest assured, our professional technicians are well trained to handle your lawn and landscape needs!
  • We take the guess work out of your landscape care and do the leg work for you.! No more guessing or endless hours at the mega-mart trying to find the right products!
  • No more schedules to remember. We will schedule our visits at the proper time of the year, according to the needs of your landscape. You don't have to be home during our visits.
  • Service calls are complimentary.

Our Partnership With You

  • We feed and rid your lawn of weeds. You simply water and mow at regular intervals.
  • We feed and protect the health of your trees and shrubs. You simply water, mulch, and prune.
  • We leave reminders and suggestions for watering and mowing at each treatment, along with any other pertinent special instructions.
  • We gladly schedule consultations and work with you, to ensure your landscape is the best it can be!

Remember, at TLC "our heart is in your lawn"!